Friday, June 20, 2008

The Enemies

Of course, there's antagonists exist. And they're here to make everything balanced.

So, there's the Bachwealth capital, and the D.E.A.T.H Army. The Bachwealth capital ruled the continent, while D.E.A.T.H works underground.

First, I'll talk about Bachs. They ruled the whole continent. And made tight laws. They're public enemy, but none can escape their rules. The Bachs are pursuing power. They want more continents to rule. To get enough strength to attack another continents, they're chasing the Soul of Origins bearer, so they can control the strongest weapon on earth, and attacks all other continents easily. They used sly diplomacies against stronger countries, and threaten small countries.

After they ruled the whole Western Region, they've planned a strong weapon that can threaten every country. Even the strongest country of the other continents! They made the weapon, but they can't control it. They lost an island after the big explosion. After some decades, they heard that 7 persons called the Soul of Origins can control everything. Even the world! If they unite, a major evolution will execute. They even can turns the world upside-down!

The DEATHs, on the other side, is trying to delete the Soul of Origins' existence. They think if they eliminate the Soul of Origins, the Bachs will give up and think of another way to control the weapon --- and that's impossible.

These 2 fractions will fight Spike face to face. Even some of them are the people that Spike knows. I don't want to spoil everything, so I'll stop the post here.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Complete Chara Bio : Spike

Before it goes, I must record what's inside my head to the blog. The main char, the one and only, Spike.


At the beginning of the game, you'll find out that he's a criminal that only attacks the rich, so he can give the share for the poor. Almost every rich man and landlords hate him. That makes the Bachwealth Capital costs his head a Billion Pluts, highest in the continent. The Rebellions tries to befriend with Spike, so they have an additional Billion Pluts guy's power. The Rebellions promises Spike that they will take care of the orphanage at Spike's hometown if Spike wanna join the Rebellions. Spike agrees, and joins them, as a mercenary. The Rebellions' open force against the Bachwealth reveals Bachwealth anger. And soon they declares the big war. Of course, Spike's the main reason that Bachwealth attacks. No, not the Billion Pluts they want, Spike's power to call his hand-made swords, that's what they want. Yes, Spike has the power to call his early made swords, WITH BARE HANDS. No spells should be casted, no items should be sacricified, just with a call, the swords will reveal itself on Spike's hand. Not just swords, bombs, potions, ANYTHING HE MADE, can be called, costs no MP, nor SP, nothing.

Spike is an excellent swords player. He can controls up to 5 swords at once (never do more than that, though). He called this technique as "Odori Ken Mikaze-ryu" or "Mikaze Style's Dancing Swords". As I was saying, he can only calls his hand-made things, and he DID have the ability to make good swords. First, he only uses 5 Kitetsu, but as the game flows, he made 7 kinds of weapons, the first, Neo-Kitetsu, then Fuutou, Enzai, Raiken, Tetsujin, Hyotei, and the ultimate one is... a secret ;).

Hm... Looks like these are what's in my head... At least for now... I'll update this later!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The First City

Okay, finally I've made it. The first city, where the game's begin. This city is Spike's hometown, and still unnamed. There's an orphanage, an inn, a blacksmith, and a few houses. Two of the houses is Spike's and the town leader, or elder, haven't decided it yet. This city is Spike's purpose of crimes. He collects money so the orphanage still up on the job. The elder supports Spike a lot, and every kid in the town loves Spike so much. But every tax collector come, will return without anything.

Okay, this is how it begins...

Spike was slaying the Bach's cart at the outskirt of the first city.. They're going to effort some ransom to afford the Bach's Army and the Bach's Scouts. After slaying the Bach's cart and take all the ransoms, Spike returned to the city. After some chat with the kids, he shares the ransom to the orphanage. After he shares, the elder calls him. They were talking about some people named themselves the Rebellions. They were trying to hire Spike as a mercenary. Spike told the elder that he didn't want to join them. He like being liked by kids there, and will afford the orphanage until he can't. But the elder told him to join them, as he trying to move Spike out from the town so he won't feed the children with violence and brainwashed them to force against the Bachwealth Capital.

The next day, one of the Rebellions came, and gave Spike a chance to make his mind. Either take a part as a mercenary, or let the Bachs attacks the town. Spike finally made up his mind. Saving the town by taking a Rebellions' role as a mercenary, and paid a thousand Pluts for every war. Spike left the town to the Rebellion HQ.

To Be Continued...

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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Credit to Kylock for the battle system.

* Attribute Customization
Freely customize Spike's and Tyr's attribute.

* Sword Crafting
Spike has the ability to craft and upgrade his swords.

* Guns and Bullets Crafting
Tyr has the ability to craft bullets and upgrade his guns.

* Combo Skills
Each character have at least one combo skill that only usable when the character equips certain combination of equipment. Ex: Spike can use Flame Typhoon if both Enzai and Fuutou equipped.

* Finisher Skills
Each character have at least one finisher. The finisher is only usable if the finish gauge's full.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008


Started the project since I join the forum. It's a pending project. I haven't made any maps. But the story's inside my brain.

Overall story summary:
A man called Spike is a violent criminal that do crimes for the poors. The Bachwealth capital don't like every single bit of Spike's action, so they put Spike on the capital's wanted list. Soon, Spike has made himself the most wanted guy on earth. Spike tired of running away and escaping, so he decided to strike against the capital. But he realized that the capital wants his head not because he helps the poor, but because Spike has one of the Soul of Origins. Spike met partners-in-crime (although not all of them are criminals, but they're against the capital so they got bounties too) like Mach, Jet, Argo, Aras, Hiyoshi, Sied, Tyr, and beloved Mia, that helps Spike struggled the war. But a man called Nero, who has one of the Soul of Origins, destroyed the capital because the capital kept him (the capital wants to use the Soul of Origins' power to conquer the earth). He found the capital's archive that led him to find Spike, and every one that has the Soul of Origins. Nero's ambition to collect the Soul of Origins meets a success, and Nero got 6 souls (including his own soul). But Spike, who avenges his friends death (because Nero killed them to collect the souls), successfully stops Nero by sacrifice his life.

About the characters:

Spike (23)
A swordsmith that can plays 5 swords easily like juggling.
Role: He'll found out his black past, and finally find the importances of friendship.
The player will gain full control of Spike's attribute, whether Spike ends up being a good guy, or a bad guy.

Tyr (30)
A gunsmith that has high vision, accuracy, agility, and dexterity.
Role: He's Spike's saviour, who always saves Spike when Spike's in critical danger. He contributed a lot on Spike's development.
The player will gain some control of Tyr's movement, like the way saving Spike, that can changes Spike's game.

Mach (33)
Spike's childhood friend. They met accidentally while Spike's running away from the capital. Has super speed movement.
Role: Spike's mentor, who helped him trough the game so much. But he's actually Nero's minion, who directs Spike into Nero's hand.
He will be Spike's convoy along the game.

Jet and Argo (23)
These twins are Mach's little brothers. They helped Spike fought the capital. Has very high strength.
Role: Spike's battle ally. Jet has speciality in punching, while Argo has speciality in kicking.
They will be Spike's ally, who fought as AI.

Hiyoshi (27)
Somewhat Tyr's friend, although they never talked much. He can manipulate people's thought.
Role: He helps Tyr to find whatever information Tyr's needed. He always appears everytime Tyr needs information. They're communication's little weird.

Sied (35)
Spike's friend that has very high intelligence of sand cruisers (like sand flyers in BoF 4).
Role: He helps Spike's transportation through the deserts.
He always in his workshop. Come to find out his new works.

Aras (26)
The greatest fighter of Crimson Ocean. Uses a stick to fight.
Role: One of the Soul of Origins. Nero's hex contamined Aras' village to find Aras, but Aras escaped.
He joins Spike to fight Nero, as he sworn to avenge his tribe's death.

Sethiou (87)
The elder of Crimson Ocean. He's the one who reads the prophecy of the Soul of Origins.
Role: He knows all about Soul of Origins.
He died because the disease that Nero's hex spreads.

Schwarzram (61)
King of Bachwealth. He knows the truth of the Soul of Origins' rumours.
Role: He tried to take control all of the Soul of Origins to conquer the earth.
Nero killed him after Nero busted out of the Bachwealth's dungeon.

Mia (22)
Nero's minion. Nero promises Mia to resseruct Mia's father if Mia joins the D/L Army.
Role: The strongest D/L Army after Nero. He fought Spike, but Spike opened her eyes, so she joins Spike's side.
Mia will fight Spike, but at the last chapters, he fight with Spike.

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